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Do you need a highly qual­i­fied legal advice, a legal inves­ti­ga­tion, an expert wit­ness state­ment or con­vinc­ing argu­ments on the con­tents of Swedish Busi­ness Law? Or do you need the assis­tance of a highly qual­i­fied arbi­tra­tor? We are top of the line lawyers focused on legal issues related to Con­tracts, Com­pa­nies, Banks and Arbi­tra­tion.

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The Law firm

Iusté Ltd, founded in 1995, is a small and inde­pen­dent Upp­sala (Stock­holm region) based Swedish niche Law firm. We are spe­cial­ized on qual­i­fied ser­vices in Swedish Busi­ness Law; Con­tract law and Con­tract Inter­pre­ta­tion, Com­pany law, Inter­na­tional Con­tract Law and the CISG, Pro­ceu­dral Law and Arbi­tra­tion. The firm is based on a uniquely high com­bined sci­en­tific and prac­ti­cal com­pe­tence in the field of Busi­ness Law. Espe­cially we focus on Swedish and inter­na­tional con­tract law and pro­ce­du­ral law (includ­ing arbi­tra­tion) and also mainly Swedish com­pany law. We are offer­ing qual­i­fied ser­vices and infor­ma­tion mainly to prac­tic­ing lawyers on busi­ness law firms, banks and other com­pa­nies.

Qualified lawyers

We are highly qual­i­fied PhDs, uni­ver­sity pro­fes­sors and expe­ri­enced spe­cial­ists on Swedish busi­ness law, mainly Con­tract law, Com­pany law, Bank­ing law and Pro­ce­du­ral law, i.e. Arbi­tra­tion, and Inter­na­tional Con­tract Law. It is through many years of prac­ti­cal expe­ri­ence focused on advanced solu­tions to com­pli­cated legal issues, com­bined with an ambi­tious and pro­duc­tive sci­en­tific legal research, that we have acquired our unique com­pe­tence in the field of Busi­ness Law.

Business Law Services

We are offer­ing a vari­ety of spe­cialised legal ser­vices in Busi­ness Law. Thus we act as arbi­tra­tors, offer legal coun­selling, con­duct legal inves­ti­ga­tions and provide legal reports and expert wit­tness state­ments before courts and arbi­tral tri­bunals etc. Two of our major areas of exper­tise are con­tract inter­pre­ta­tion and con­tract review­ing. We also issue books and provide edu­ca­tion in Swedish regard­ing Swedish busi­ness law. Our lan­guages are Swedish and Eng­lish.

Most of the work is nor­mally done by us per­son­ally. We never hand qual­i­fied work over to oth­ers. How­ever, if a client wishes to keep the costs low or if time is really short, we may agree that we hire some of the very best law stu­dents from our last year courses or some newly exam­ined lawyer to col­lect mate­rial etc for an inves­ti­ga­tion or to do other unqual­i­fied work.

More information

Iusté Ltd is based in Upp­sala (Stock­holm region). The law firm was founded back in 1995 and is still run by Pro­fes­sor Dr Bert Lehrberg and his wife Pro­fes­sor Dr Elis­a­beth Lehrberg. Dr Bert Lehrberg has a PhD in civil (pri­vate) law and is since 1995 the holder of one of the two chairs in civil (pri­vate) law at the renowned Uni­ver­sity of Upp­sala. In 1992–1992 he was the holder of a chair of bank­ing law at the Uni­veristy of Lund. Dr Elis­a­beth Lehrberg has a PhD in pro­ce­du­ral law and is assoc­iate pro­fes­sor of pro­ce­du­ral law at the same Uni­ver­sity.

Our fees

Our fees are com­par­a­tively low, espe­cially in the inter­na­tional arbi­tra­tion con­text where we do most of our work. We have been hired by most of the Swedish busi­ness law firms. How­ever, we work inde­pen­dently of any other law firm, which is a major advan­tage for arbi­tra­tors.

To con­tact us, dial +46 70 5777276 or send an e-mail to